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Real Estate and General Photography Services Terms

By engaging Sunshine Coast Photography to perform services, the hiring party agrees to be bound by these terms and all applicable laws.


Sunshine Coast Photography retains sole ownership of all media produced by Sunshine Coast Photography, which includes photos, audio, videos, graphics, web pages and video slideshows, unless other explicit arrangements have been made and agreed to by both parties in writing.


Real Estate:


For real estate imaging and all media we create, Sunshine Coast Photography grants the hiring party a license to use the media created for that listing,  or promotional purpose only for the life of the listing. This means our images used in listings are not purchased by the realtor and media used in ads for a business are only licensed for a specific listing or business and may only be reused with permission from Sunshine Coast Photography.


Any link, use or reproduction of any Sunshine Coast Photography media beyond the initial listing, without the written consent from Sunshine Coast Photography is subject to charges and any such use is an agreement to pay those charges.


Sunshine Coast Photography reserves the right to re_licensel any Sunshine Coast Photography media for a fee, should the opportunity arise.


This website is owned and operated by Sunshine Coast Photography, all materials contained in these web pages are copyright protected.


All links to any portion of the web pages contained herein are prohibited without the written consent of Sunshine Coast Photography.


Hiring us:


The fee for our services or a portion thereof, becomes due when Sunshine Coast Photography and/or an agent thereof arrives at the location of the job or meeting place, as given by the hiring party. Full payment is due and payable upon receipt of our invoice. Payments outstanding beyond 10 days of invoicing may be charged a late fee.

The hiring party shall accompany the photographer from Sunshine Coast Photography at all locations during the photography session, but whether or not the hiring party is accompanying the photographer at a listing location, the hiring party agrees to defend and hold Sunshine Coast Photography and photographer harmless regarding any damage to property or furniture, including accusations of theft. In the event that photographer accidentally breaks or otherwise damages personal property while in the course of photographing the property, ther hiring party agrees to reimburse the homeowner for any and all expenses involved and will not demand reimbursement from Sunshine Coast Photography or photographer. We do carry liability insurance.


While every effort will be made to accommodate changes due to unforeseen circumstances, if the site is unprepared or cannot be entered, a fee for a revisit will be applied. 


Once a session is booked, a cancellation without 24 hours notice may be charged a cancellation fee of $50.

All payments are due upon receipt of invoice. 


We reserve the right to substantially alter, terminate, temporarily remove or demand the removal of any Sunshine Coast Photography media from any site due to non or late payment, through any legal means necessary. Failure to comply will result in a copyright complaint to the service provider and the applicable real estate board.


We reserve the right to remove any Sunshine Coast Photography media from any or all sites we posted the media on, such as, but not limited to, social media sites or media sharing sites. 


At all times, both the hiring party and Sunshine Coast Photography shall endeavor to abide by professional and ethical business practices.

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